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All About DMS Logistics Indonesia | PT Delima Mandiri Sukses

Delivery Mode Safe ( DMS )

Think globally, act locally


DMS Logistic Indonesia is committed to being a responsible business partner and an active participant in the global community.


We transport your assets. We link your markets. We ensure the flow of goods across continents. Transport and logistics are our life. We oversee all key order management tasks in order to give our clients top-quality service: transport, customs clearance, warehousing, picking and packing, and distribution.

Our global corporate network forms the basis of our services. The companies work as overseas forwarding companies in the air and ocean freight sectors. They organize export and import shipments for general cargo, full containers and conventional cargo. Land transport, warehousing and distribution services are closely linked with the overseas forwarding companies.

Are you looking for a fast, safe and reliable way to transport or store your goods? We offer a solid combination of experience and expertise, passion and dedication, tradition and innovation. Whatever your objectives, we get the world moving for you.

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